if you like pina coladas…

Se acerca el finde, solo faltan 247824562864 minutos,  y bueno mitad de semana es mitad de semana!  Siempre hay que ver el vaso medio lleno y no medio vacío.  (Thumbs up!!!!)
Comienzo este post con una canción que estoy escuchando, para variar… un poco que me hace escapar del clima chambero y transportarme adonde sea, donde haya sol, playa y arena…. POR FAVOR! Caribe? Alguien dijo Caribe????…. 🙁
Weekend is on the corner, and it’s only about 128319728 minutes to get to Friday! Yay!!! Well, we’re half of the week over, so let’s keep in mind to see the glass half full instead of half empty!!
I’ll start this post with a song I’m listening to right now… Anyway, I’ll just pretend I’m anywhere but at the office, maybe somewhere with sand, sun and the ocean in front…. Did someone just said the Caribbean? Am I there????? Hmmm …. Guess not 🙁
“… If you like Pina Coladas
And getting caught in the rain
I’m not much into health food
I am into champagne….”
Recuerdos, recuerdos, vagos recuerdos del fin de semana pasado, donde a pesar de no tomar piña  colada, ni nada caribeño… (suficiente con el champagne!!!….) La pasé increíble con mis amigas. Como dice la frase de la foto (y demasiado precisa): “A little reason to smile”. Me parece lindo cuando uno no planea las cosas y el finde te sorprende sin esperarlo… En fin, espero les guste las fotos de la editorial que hicimos en Catamar (https://www.facebook.com/Catamaren), a ésta la quisimos llamar: “Un desayuno saludable, luego de una juerga thriller”)… Muy recomendable…

Memories, memories, more memories of my last weekend makes me wonder why I did not have some pina colada or anything caribbean-like…. it was very ok with the champagne though! Anyway, I had the most wonderful night with my best friends… And just like the picture above says: “A little reason to smile”…. I think I have so much things to remember of… so I’ve been smiling for quite a while since Sunday.. So enough! I say. I love when somehow things turn out to be better than planned, and when you get more than what you thought you would…  In any case… I hope you enjoy the editorial we made the other day at Catamar (peruvians: take note above). We were about to name the editorial: “Healthy breakfast…. after crazy partying…”), but I think the food in the pictures speak for themselves…. Highly recommended!!!

 photo IMG_3961.jpg
 photo IMG_4008.jpg
 photo IMG_4039.jpg
 photo IMG_4055.jpg
 photo IMG_4057.jpg
Fotografía: Sara Maria Rodriguez (www.saramariarodriguez.com
Dirección de Arte: Elke Schrader
Styling: Daniel Weitz
Giale Bikini Coral Fluor
Pañuelo Emilio Pucci
Aretes Forever 21
Collar Do It!
Sandalias Steve Madden
Giale Bikini Verde Fluor 
Tunica Gasa Empty Canvas
Collar Mango
Zapatos Donna Cattiva

Espero les haya gustadoooooo / Hope you enjoy!!!

 photo Imagen5-3.png