little kitty carrousel

Qué rico que ya el clima esté cambiando y se estén sintiendo esos rayos de sol veraniegos que tanto extrañábamos. Aunque son pequeñas resolanas, es bueno que aún así tengamos pocos momentos donde simplemente uno puede mirar al cielo y sentir el calorcito. Para este shooting fuimos no muy lejos, fuera de Lima, y encontramos un “Parque de Juegos” abandonado, era lindo, había un río al frente y todo parecía como si un circo acabara de acampar. Aún así, decidimos hacer fotos ahí porque uno no encuentra un carrusel en tamaño miniatura en cualquier lado! Valió la pena el camino y así como una búsqueda de un tesoro escondido, mi fascinación por encontrar lugares inéditos y off-road, le dan esa aventura a mi vida que tanto me gusta y se los comparto!

It’s so cool that the weather is changing and you can almost feel the sunny feeling of summer. Eventhough, it’s not that the weather is warm, the sun makes it warmer and at the same time makes you feel happy and gives you energy to want to do things outside. For this shooting, we went to the outers of Lima, in the way of our adventure we found an abandoned (what I think it was supposed to be a Theme Park) and we started our hunt. The place was amazing, and it was a pity it was desolated like a phantom circus.  So, we stayed there searching for the spot for the photos and we found a carrousel, pretty as if it was made in the 1800s…. Amazing as our adventure was, it’s my pleasure to share with you what I love most: roadtrips, offroads and adventures! It’s like something like going on a treasure hunt, looking for an spectacular place to do a shooting and then share it here on the blog, it’s my dearest adventure. So let’s not forgive life’s a journey and we must live it to the fullest!



Zara White Blouse
Abercrombie Ruffled Shorts
Moschino Belt
Lounge Black Scarf
H&M Heart Sunnies
Donna Cattiva Studded Black Booties
Normalmente, no me gustan los gatos, pero este gatito era tan tierno que era imposible no encariñarse con él. En este outfit quise usar una tendencia all-cream, pero la idea de que aún estamos en cambio de temporada, me hizo repensar la combinación y agregarle su opuesto perfecto: el negro. La correa Moschino clásica junto con la estructurada cartera negra Prada, logran un balance perfecto imposible de fallar. Las blusas Zara son básicas para usarlas en esta temporada con shortcitos o pantalones, van con todo, sin perder la sofisticación. Espero tengan un lindo fin de semana que ya esta cerca… y descansen o diviértanse como puedan!! Un beso! 
I’m actually not a “cat” person, I prefer dogs mostly, I just feel they are more loyal and sweet. Although this cat was so cute, it was nearly impossible not to want to hug him…. Anyway, in this outfit I wanted to use the All-cream trend, but the idea that the season is changing and so the weather, made me feel that maybe it was too soon. So, I tried another color to mix it with and black, was the perfect choice. Though opposite, the black and white trend is a classic all year round. What I liked the most about this outfit was the always a classic Moschino belt combined with the Prada structured bag. they both are a win-win in any outfit. Also, the Zara blouses are a basic piece in any wardrobe, so anyone should have at least one, they combine with everything from shorts, to pants, to leggings, to skirts, I love that they are so versatile and goes well with any shape of body… So, I hope this gives you plenty advice of what to shop this weekend!! Have a cool, relaxing and (in other words) AMAZING weekend. Lots of kisses!!