pre fashion week detox

It’s official, Fashion Week is about to start and really my body, mind and soul have to actually get used to the idea of running from show to show in high-heels, then trying to get pictures of the stars of the moment and then try to catch a picture on Instagram with a caption saying: “This is so fun!”, and then run again to another runway show and try to get a glimpse of it, which in your VIP Seat you can see almost the face of the model (if lucky). However, if you are not Olivia Palermo or any front-row person, then, you are what I would call an Ant. A fashion Ant with a lot of sense of style and everything, because it’s not like everyone can get accepted to FW, so then you must have actually done something, right? Anyway, it’s not that my attitude is negative or not positive, I’m just trying to get to reality and not dream as if I were going to  sit next to P.Diddy and talk about his last Collection… 


Anyway, here I made a list of my 10 Commandments to prepare for this thrilling week… 


1.     You will have a private yoga instructor at your disposal, cleansing juices and meditation sessions, at home or the gym. No excuses allowed.
2.     You will have a detox-diet, in which proteins must be included in at least 2 meals. Carbs in small doses are ok. This means: Goodbye to Junk Food and Sodas. (Ok, maybe we can make an exception for Light Sodas)
3.     You will have all your outfits ready before doing the suitcase. Making the bag 3 days earlier is the max. time allowed.
4.     You will be wise when Shopping for Fashion Week. Since NY is a free-tax state, the Shopping will be better if done there.
5.     You will take the ballet flats to put in your bag if you get to feel fainted from the sky-high heels you will be bringing. The suitcase must contain at least two pairs of them, Black and Nude are sufficient.
6.     You will have a spa day a week before, to cleanse your body, exfoliate, and most important hydrate your body from this crazy winter. A facial in this phase, is a must.
7.     You will have a good Manicure & Pedicure, and body-wax (this means every part).
8.     You will have your hair dyed and get Moisturizing Treatments in-salon, since you will be blow-drying your hair everyday.
9.     Hydration will be key, it will be crucial to drink water every hour, at least one small vase.
10. You will talk to all your friends living there and let your family all the phones of your possible whereabouts.